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Why is it important to automate employee onboarding/offboarding process

In today's fast-paced business environment, it's crucial for organizations to optimize their processes to remain competitive. Employee onboarding and offboarding are two areas where automation can have a significant impact on productivity and data security.

70% of managers find employee onboarding to be frustrating. This is mainly due to the time and effort required to coordinate with different departments to prepare for each starter's first day. Additionally, manual offboarding processes can be time-consuming and prone to errors, with staff spending around 25 minutes manually checking potential systems permissions and removing each leaver.

On the other hand, data security is a major concern, especially as 50% of ex-employees can still access corporate apps, and 88% of IT workers would take sensitive data or company passwords if they were fired. Therefore, automating these processes is not only important for increasing productivity, but also for protecting your company's sensitive data.

By delegating these tasks to a robot, organizations can greatly simplify the onboarding and offboarding processes. With the help of our automation solution, it only takes a robot 2.5 minutes to check and remove each leaver from the system, with complex rules applied to control data and service access. This ensures that ex-employees cannot access company's sensitive information and property, reducing the risk of data breaches.

"The robot is proactive in showing us which leavers have a mobile device and it’s given our staff more time to focus on incidents and supporting the business."

Automation also allows HR team members to focus on more strategic work, such as keeping employees engaged and helping the company grow. By reducing the time and effort required for onboarding and offboarding, automation increases productivity, reduces errors, and helps organizations to achieve their business goals.

Automating employee onboarding and offboarding processes is essential for any organization that wants to remain competitive and protect their sensitive data.

So why not request a demo today to learn more about how our automation solution can help your organization optimize its processes and achieve its business goals.

Source: ServiceNOW, Dark Reading, Cyber-Ark


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