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Housing Use Cases.

Well-trusted by the Housing Sector.

We are excited to be using our new automation process, our colleagues are able to work along with automation instead of using the traditional ways to deal with customer facing tasks. It unlocks their potential to work on higher-value tasks, supporting our customers whilst also improving performance. 

Head of Customer Services, Aspire Housing  


We have worked with Enterprise RPA for more than 18 months now and in that time have delivered several robotic process automation solutions. These bots are now a virtual workforce supporting several of our operational teams.


Having these solutions in place make us more efficient by enabling our colleagues to spend less time processing and more time delivering valuable services to our customers and colleagues.

Head of Digital Services, Onward Homes 

Enterprise RPA adoption is allowing us to eliminate, automate and innovate our processes. This enables our support team(s), to spend less time processing and more time using their specialist skills to support our residents, adding value, and delivering a fantastic service.

southern housing logo.png

Head of Service Delivery – Technology,
Optivo, Now Southern Housing


What a robot processed in a day would take around 34 hours for a staff member to do, which is almost 1 FTE for the week…With the robot in place, we are well prepared for the next peak, and it gives us an idea of which process to automate next.

Customer Finance Manager, Stockport Homes 

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