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HR and recruiter's new best friend - Conversational AI

HR departments have been on the burner continuously since the pandemic to address evolving employee needs. Despite initial concerns, this massive, global experiment proved that remote work could be successfully implemented at even the most significant scale, bringing the need for digitalisation closer to the HR function.

Digitising HR is a critical lever for companies looking to remain relevant and at the forefront of the business world. The right technology tools can support or, more importantly, consolidate various HR tasks, from data management to payroll, from recruitment to onboarding or performance. At the same time, to make remote or hybrid models continue to work without significant interruptions or hiccups. Conversational AI is one of the ways how they can do this.

Recruitment and onboarding

Recruiting chatbots can quickly process large quantities of CVs to select the most relevant ones. They can then automate the communication between recruiters and selected candidates. After candidates apply for jobs from the career pages, recruiting chatbots can obtain candidates’ contact information, arrange interviews, and ask basic questions about their experience and background.

An onboarding chatbot can do an exemplary job of guiding new employees through every step of the onboarding process, providing links to the relevant information and engaging materials, reminding them of procedures and deadlines, and helping them fill out required forms.

Payroll Management

Following a new hire, virtual assistants can quickly assess the employee’s payroll calculation and tax band information, decreasing the lag between hire date and first paycheck. It can eliminate payroll errors, including those related to reimbursement for employee expenses. Virtual assistants can also analyse past payroll data to make predictions about employee turnover, seasonal hiring needs, and even trends in employee absences.

Training and re-skilling

A successful career is built through the frequent updating of skills and knowledge. Conversational technology allows companies to provide employees with personalised learning programs. Chatbots can get access to internal learning platforms to guide employees through training initiatives seamlessly. They are especially helpful in the context of remote work when organisations struggle to keep close to all the employees or identify the areas in which they are struggling. An intelligent virtual assistant can constantly be at employees’ disposal to make learning suggestions or offer future training slots to ensure that the workforce continues to develop. Chatbots can also be used to test the knowledge accumulated through training or gauge the level of skills development in simple, non-intrusive manners.

Employee self-service

According to IBM research, 60% of workers are willing to have AI agents like chatbots advise them on HR-related topics. Chatbots with NLP technology can imitate the kind of conversation an employee would have with an actual HR representative, making the interaction more pleasurable and more straightforward. Moreover, an HR chatbot is available for employees 24 hours a day and can answer the most common employee questions in a personalised manner. This makes for a seamless interaction that saves time and provides the employee with a positive, satisfying experience.

Compensation and benefits management

AI-enabled intelligent virtual assistants can be available 24-hours to answer employees’ questions to make the benefits package easier to navigate and more tailored to the individual user. AI can offer an engaging, personalised, and educational experience, giving employees the confidence to make the best choice. Additionally, chatbots can assist employees with the benefits enrolment process and administration or even suggest using existing benefits at different milestones in the employee’s professional life.

Exit management

Managing leavers is a tedious yet essential process to ensure that access privileges and permissions are maintained for absolute compliance. Applying automation to this movement process, can deliver a tenfold reduction in processing time with 100% accuracy, applying complex rules to control data and service access.

Powered by conversational AI, intelligent virtual assistants represent an incredibly valuable technology for HR departments. They can streamline processes across the entire employee lifecycle, delivering significant time savings for HR staff and a better experience for employees.

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