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Stockport Homes automates Universal Credit Verifications to handle peak volume

The average processing time per claim is c.40 seconds, which is 7.5 times faster than
a human

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Aspire Housing recovers more Former Tenant Arrears faster, with multi-channel Robot engagement

Aspire teamed up with Enterprise RPA to handle former tenant arrears with the help of

Robotic Process Automation

Online Doctor Shutterstock Licenced ERPA

Health technology company introduces RPA to process medication requests

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) runs daily to check new patient requests, processing 500% increase in prescription demand

Graduation Caps

RPA - A Driver Toward a Positive Future for University Staff and Students

Robotic process automation (RPA) enabled the university to improve the experience for students

Conversational AI for
Saint-Gobain IT helpdesk 

The automated assistant delivered an increase in feedback and service ‘high fives’ due to the immediacy of the channel engagement

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Bassetts simplifies TSS declarations process for goods transfer from GB to NI with Enterprise RPA

Robotic Process Automation can deliver a
timely and streamlined process to ensure
inbound goods are recorded immediately 

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Local Authority seizes' the benefit of RPA to transform data

and processes with UiPath

RPA became a core element of this Council's  digital transformation plan, dramatically reducing rent debt, improving data quality

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Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

excise robots

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics specialises in bespoke logistics solutions including freight transport, IT solutions, and consultancy

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