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EVA: AI-powered Housing Digital Assistant

Step change your resident experience and employee satisfaction with the help of AI-powered Digital Assistant

EVA -  Housing Virtual Assistant.

EVA is a digital assistant that helps Social Landlords modernize the way they interact with residents and employees. It uses the latest Conversational Automation Technology with back-office integration to create a modern self-serve environment, capable of completing end-to-end tasks automatically, putting it way beyond current Portal capabilities.

EVA is designed to significantly improve resident communications with more first-time resolutions, minimise inbound calls to contact centres and step-change the customer experience. It also vastly improves employee productivity by providing an all-encompassing internal knowledge base, so that all employees have instant access to the information they need. 


This provides significantly improved service functionality compared to the traditional portal by dealing with requests the first time and not pushing it down the line to an operator.

All-round help from EVA.

Repairs and Maintenance

  • Report and schedule repairs online with EVA. Get repair slots, confirmations, and reschedule options.

  • Upload pictures for queries and repair requests with EVA's support.

  • Stay informed about planned maintenance through EVA's platform.

  • Book and reschedule appointments easily to avoid no-shows.

  • Efficiently manage replacement schedules with EVA.

  • Book gas/electrical checks within compliance parameters using EVA

Contact Centre

  • Significantly improve communications with more first-time resolutions, reduce inbound calls to contact centres

  • Allows residents to directly contact a human agent if needed. Ensures the resident speaks to the correct team that can deal with their query, reducing the number of steps and resources required for early resolution

  • Simple in-house managed escalation points & alerts – eg, Damp, Mould, Fly tipping, Mental Health, Wellbeing

  • Available through multiple channels – Web, WhatsApp, Facebook, Teams, etc

  • Various personas installed – allows different users to access the platform for different defined purposes, eg, Resident / Contact Centre Team / Repairs Team

Knowledge Base

  • 24/7 multilingual and multichannel support for both your residents and employees

  • Integrated with ChatGPT using natural free format questions or guided step by step navigation

  • EVA will continue to learn - Utterance Management – centrally managed trained database for all housing associations including Al based learning

Rent and Property Management

  • Rent collection and reminders for tenants

  • Instant data collection to facilitate progress reports to cover all areas of compliance performance, measure contractor performance against agreed performance measures

  • Automated activity tracking to drive efficiencies for reducing rent loss of void properties

  • Handling relet procedures including tenancy ending notifications, complete tenancy ending documentation, capture meter readings, deposit refunds etc

Different modules - plug in anytime you want.
Image by Breno Assis

EVA Assist  
Knowledge Base

  • Internal all-in-one database for employees

  • ​Provide Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Policy Documents

  • Maintenance Documents

EVA Assist 
Knowledge Base

  • External all-in-one database for residents

  • ​24/7 available multichannel and multilingual support

  • Minimize inbound contact to contact centre

EVA Resident

  • Repairs and maintenances reporting

  • Intelligent scheduling

  • Rent management

  • Communications - Complaints/Feedback/ASB

  • Two factor authentication

EVA Direct

  • Voids management process

  • Newbuild handover process

  • Ensure properties have the earliest availability for occupation

Well-trusted by the Housing Sector.

We are excited to be using our new automation process, our colleagues are able to work along with automation instead of using the traditional ways to deal with customer facing tasks. It unlocks their potential to work on higher-value tasks, supporting our customers whilst also improving performance. We have many ideas for future process automation and have planned in skills transfers for our colleagues to enable them to develop some of these inhouse.

Head of Customer Services, Aspire Housing  

Enterprise RPA adoption is allowing us to eliminate, automate and innovate our processes. This enables our support team(s), to spend less time processing and more time using their specialist skills to support our residents, adding value, and delivering a fantastic service.

southern housing logo.png

Head of Service Delivery – Technology,
Optivo, Now Southern Housing


What a robot processed in a day would take around 34 hours for a staff member to do, which is almost 1 FTE for the week…With the robot in place, we are well prepared for the next peak, and it gives us an idea of which process to automate next.

Customer Finance Manager, Stockport Homes 

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