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Why RPA.


Integration with AI & Digital Assistants

The UiPath platform is fundamental to enable hyper automation in your digital transformation programme. It provides a well governed central platform for technologies such as Machine Learning, Digital Assistants, Natural Language Processing and Document Understanding.​


No need for large scale systems integration. RPA can be implemented without re-engineering business processes, without disturbing existing systems and applications, so major productivity improvements can therefore be achieved quickly and cost effectively

Released Value

​RPA relieves humans of mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on more intellectually valuable activities that demand human creativity​​

​​​Saves money

RPA is typically 30 - 65% cheaper than onshore workers and 10 – 30% of offshore​​

​Reduced Error Rate

RPA doesn’t get bored, distracted or tired; error rates come down which means less re-work and an enhanced reputation for efficiency​​

​Do more for less

RPA can process much greater volumes of work at much higher speed than a human​​

​Auditable & Secure

Robots will only ever access what you tell them to; and will create a detailed audit trail of all activity

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