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About Enterprise RPA.

Enterprise RPA are a specialist software and services business dedicated to delivering the best Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Assistant solutions for our customers. This allows them to devote more time to serving customers or perform other higher-value work.

Typically, software robot implementations can cost as little as a third of the cost of full-time employees, which means your staff can get on with adding value to your business and customers, rather than processing routine tasks.


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Our Services

Our Services.

Getting started...

  • Pilot RPA - A Concept-service that offers fast and measured ROI, for tangible results

  • Skill-Starter - Enterprise RPA Accelerate training approach  - Develop your competency with Trusted advice

  • One Case - RPA Ready - Pick a Use-case with our guide & deliver Robot-return fast [value]

  • Automation Candidate Map - Work with Subject Matter Experts, to identify candidate RPA processes

  • Connect RPA - Link RPA, Document Understanding & Digital Assistants for Enterprise transformation


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"Working with RPA expert partners, while building your internal RPA competency, can make a real difference to Automation buy-in, adoption and scale"  COE, UiPath 

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This initial identification work assesses which processes can be automated in your business and the level of complexity involved.


Then we articulate the options clearly to understand the value versus effort that is required.

A business case is defined to support the initial pilot along with a technical assessment and specification

What to automate
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What to automate
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Once the identification process is complete, we build the robots using Agile methodologies, which delivers the most effective and efficient results, as quickly as possible.


This approach keeps our customers involved along the way and delivers tangible results in a few months rather than years.

How Robots Learn
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How Robots Learn
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When the robots are deployed, they just need to be monitored so that things are happening when they should be.

If a process changes,  you simply teach the robot the new approach

Keeping Robots Active
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Keeping Robots Active

What Our Clients Say.

"Universal Credit Verifications' Peak volumes have been comfortably handled by the robot, freeing up CSO time for more value-added tasks."

Leanne Merga, Customer Finance Manager

Stockport Homes

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