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RPA can get you AI ready

There has been an abundance of media coverage, hype and speculation about Artificial Intelligence (AI); how robots are going to replace jobs and take over our lives, and who knows what else. The basis of a film script or reality?

The truth is that AI is already in use. There are many examples of successful implementations and just as many (if not more) of failures.

Why does AI fail? One reason is down to the quality of the data. Data is an integral part of what feeds and builds the algorithms required for AI to work.

Amazon developed a recruitment tool using AI based on their employment data for the previous 10 years. In October 2018, it was announced that the project was abandoned due to gender-bias against women*

If along the route the data had been validated by a cleanse, and then another cleanse, and further cleanse stages, then the results could have been so much different.

This is where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) comes into play.

Using RPA as a stepping stone will provide businesses with that data collation and cleansing element to be AI ready, whilst at the same time delivering operational value by undertaking those mundane, unsexy but very important user interface processes.

RPA can be programmed to smoke out errors in the data management, looking for inconsistencies, questioning patterns, highlighting issues for human intervention and intelligence.

Enterprise RPA use UIPath technology as the enabler, along with our retail industry expertise we can implement operational automated processes to reduce time and costs at the micro level to help you take the next step to AI

Don’t fall asleep at the wheel – and miss the turnoff for the future. Plan now.

To find out more or to arrange a demonstration, contact Enterprise RPA on 0333 987 3938

*Source: Reuters


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