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Automating Management of Agency Staff

With only three months to go before Christmas, Retail and Logistic organisations will be preparing themselves for their busiest time of the year with processes and plans in place for the festive period, including the increased volume of agency and seasonal staff being employed.

With additional staff comes the increased workload for other operational functions including Human Resources, Finance and Payroll. Traditionally extra resource may have also been employed within those departments to handle these busier periods.

Managing rotas and timesheets, checking holidays and absences, handling expenses and payroll queries are just some of the tasks that could now be handled by Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

These management and control processes can improve performance and help with payment accuracy, reduce exposure to over payments and challenges for underpayments. The former generally will not be raised with employers, the former most certainly will, with the associated extra admin of resolving what can be very emotive situations. Prevention is always better than cure, automation can go a long way to supporting prevention of avoidable issues.

To discuss how RPA could aid your business, contact Enterprise RPA on 0333 987 3938


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