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The Importance of an RPA Champion

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

When organisations are starting out on the RPA journey, we highly recommend appointing an RPA Champion within the business to lead the project.

The RPA Champion will act as the main stakeholder manager within the business, and the conduit for the Enterprise RPA team to effectively engage.

The RPA Champion is likely to be the person who identified the potential benefits for adopting and rolling out firm-wide RPA in the first place, and how it could aid the business in terms of becoming more efficient by eradicating repetitive manually intensive tasks or processes that could be automated.

The RPA Champion will understand the business structure, culture, the challenges, objectives and goals. They will know the people that need to be involved, the customer (external and / or internal) expectations and be knowledgeable about the company’s products or services.

This isn’t the say the Champion must do everything, but by being the voice and advocate of RPA they are best placed to:

  • Lead by example - often the RPA Champion has already identified a requirement within their own department and can be used as the initial project

  • Roll out projects - typically while the initial project(s) are being implemented, other uses of RPA have been identified within the business. The RPA Champion can provide guidance and best practices based on their experience to date

Successful implementation of RPA within a business have shown that additional Champions within the business will be generated as the knowledge and experience grows. Some organisations will appoint or reallocate existing personnel to go through the UiPath RPA Academy to create their own in-house Centre of Excellence. This online training programme educates and upskills RPA users at their own pace and would enable them to handle day to day management of their implementations and work with Enterprise RPA on future projects.

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