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"Buried in your In-box?"., email categorisation and reroute automation., #RPA

There are many ways people can use RPA and AI technology in their organisation to improve efficiency, save costs and improve customer service levels.

In this article we will explore email re-resourcesrouting and specifically the process of classifying and forwarding incoming emails, through our Email ReRoute product.

Housing Associations receive large volumes of messages every day, usually into a General Enquiry inbox. These are manually reviewed and forwarded either by dedicated resource or in between inbound calls by Call Centre agents. Email Reroute, through a blend of automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI), categorises emails based on their content and forwards them to the appropriate departmental inbox for action or creates a transaction in an operational system e.g. a CRM case.

Sample categories are:

o Rent - rental enquiries, payment, and arrears details

o Benefit – advice on Universal Credit

o ASB - complaints

o Estates - inspection of property appointments

Email ReRoute is a blend of automation and artificial intelligence, specifically designed to sit on your enquiry email inbox. The solution automatically and periodically reads each email message and categorises it using NLP (natural language processing) techniques. The solution then forwards the email to the relevant department or person in your business to proceed with the action.

Each email is given a confidence score, and any which fall below a mutually agreed confidence level is used to retrain the AI engine. Next time an email is received with similar content it will be forwarded correctly.


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