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DRUID named a Major Contender in Everest's Conversational-AI report

Our primary partner, DRUID, is included as a Major Contender in "Conversational AI Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021", a recent report by Everest Group.

  • The DRUID Platform is highly versatile as it covers areas such as Customer and Agent Support, IT helpdesk, HR support and Legal

  • The platform has the capability to remember context from previous conversations, switch contexts and remembering this across multiple channels such as whatsapp/teams/messenger

  • Through its advanced NLP engine, the DRUID platform has native support for over 45 languages

  • It provides a fully reflective conversational flow that fits, and adapts to the changing narrative and it has native integration with major RPA [process automation] products to take conversation to a completed outcome.

The report also rated DRUID as one of the top three performers for the overall value delivered in hyper-automation projects.

We are hosting a webinar on 21 Oct (Thurs) @11am to demonstrate how DRUID’s Conversational Assistant Answers more Questions first-time, Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Seamlessly supporting your People.

Register now to save your seat!


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