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How Robots can lend a helping hand amid the cost-of-living crisis

Households in the UK experience rising energy cost by more than 50% from 1 April 2022, with prices expected to rise again in six months. Despite the chancellor’s spring statement offering a fuel duty cut and changes to the national insurance threshold, people are still struggling with their energy bills.

Worse still, the Bank of England predicted the inflation rate will hit 10% by the end of the year, it also the UK risks sliding recession due to higher energy prices. Combined with fuel poverty, residents are already living a cost-of-living catastrophe. We understand that Housing Associations are facing unprecedented challenges ahead, as soaring energy prices becomes a major issue for social tenants.

The good news is with the application of RPA [Robotic Process Automation], the above situations can be eased significantly:

Energy Management – Property heating equipment can be tracked and maintained easily; potential energy poverty conditions can be identified in an early stage which can positively impact the lives of tenants through timely engagement of support services and advice

Money Advice – When connected to circumstantial credit change, RPA can quickly trigger the engagement of Money Advice to support tenants experiencing financial difficulty, offering support and solutions before the issues can escalate

Universal Credit Verification Automation – Process claims can be done within 2 minutes, representing 10 times productivity improvement and 100% accuracy rate, which means tenants can receive financial support in a timely manner and avoid debts accumulating

Conversational Digital Assistant – Tenants can reach out for help 24/7, triggering actions at the point they are captured to avoid delays. Practical tips and related information can be provided whenever they need

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