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The Future of Customer Service Automation is Conversational

Today's business environment, shaped by emerging technologies, digital-first customer, and a global healthcare crisis, forces a transformative approach on contact centers to increase efficiency and reduce operational cost while fighting to deliver the best customer experience.

The exponential adoption of mobile devices and the proliferation of messaging-based apps created a new consumer type, one that expects immediacy and 24/7 service availability across languages and geographies. 25% of millennials expect to get a response within the first 10 minutes of contacting a helpdesk, and 78% of customers consume more online services as they did pre-pandemic, despite economic anxiety, according to July 2020 PwC survey.

It is no wonder that the volume of customer interactions is impossible to be handled in due time by call center agents without leveraging modern technologies like automation, artificial intelligence, RPA, or enterprise digital assistants.

Chatbot conversations will deliver $8 billion in cost savings by 2022 Juniper Research

A virtual digital assistant working together with RPA technology can significantly enhance both contact agent interactions and back-office process efficiency while delivering a natural, human-like service. Agent, AI-driven chatbots, and RPA working together to deliver an exceptional customer experience


These AI-powered workers leverage best-in-class natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to enhance contact center accuracy while ensuring cost efficiency.

Scattered across large contact center databases, valuable data patterns are often overlooked, going under the radar. Intelligently learning from continuous interactions, the enterprise digital assistants can even suggest enhancements and predictive recommendations to improve the experience across the entire customer journey while allowing a smooth transition to 'live' agents for more complex issues.

Contact center agents can receive intelligent guidance in a user-friendly interface, replacing multiple data source searches.

Enterprise RPA is a Primary UK Partner working with DruidAI to deliver Conversational Digital Assistant Platforms and Connected Automations.

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The Future of Contact Center Automation
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CAI bots only become truly revolutionary when combined with an intelligent Robotic Process Automation (IRPA) bot. The two bots come together to create a kind of "super bot" that can solve problems that a single bot would be unable to solve. The CAI bot acts as a front-end, intelligently interacting with the user and collecting data based on conversation parameters. The intelligent RPA bot, on the other hand, acts as a back-end workhorse, performing manual actions at lightning speed when a user closes a conversation.

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