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"Simplify goods inward-tariffs from GB to NI, and avoid fast-building backlogs" #RPA

As a company moving goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, you will be aware of the need to submit declarations for those goods, and the options available for completion? Some companies using the free Trader Support Service [TSS] route to record moving goods from GB are looking to simplify this process and reduce fast-building backlogs. Additionally, not all companies currently collect the types of data required to respond to mandatory declarations and so need additional means to generate this data. Current deadlines require that TSS is updated no later than 5 days after the month's close. At present, the consequential results are managed by the Company itself, however, the government will start imposing deadlines. One option available to companies is to recruit new personnel to resource this administrative demand, however, this is a very mundane and repeating process that is better suited for Robotic Process Automation [RPA] for the following reasons:

"Robotic Process Automation can deliver a timely and streamlined process to ensure inbound goods are recorded immediately. It can be achieved in a short timeframe, i.e. a declaration that takes human 4 - 6 minutes to complete can be done by a bot within 15 seconds. High-value output is delivered with the assurance that the correct tariff treatment has been captured and recorded. Audit trail is complete and up to date while hourly output reports can be generated to keep track of progress"

Automate the declarations procedure to relieve staff from performing repetitive, time-consuming tasks and reduce fast-building backlogs If you would like to hear more about how to apply RPA to your goods inward tariff process, register here for a demonstration or discuss with one of our consultants.


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