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RPA - A helping hand at Christmas, as always, making time for people

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

At Enterprise RPA this year we have worked on many projects with customers' who shared similar goals, to provide a better working experience for employees, working alongside their automation peers [+robots].

Automation reduces cost and expedites efficiency, and this year more than any other, RPA enabled a greater level of business continuity, through speedy responses to remote workers and customers across the entire operational business supply chain.

RPA Adoptions ... Some customers welcomed their robot personas' with a name, to create early rapport and fast adoption across teams who needed seamless hand-off, and interoperability. Some focused on regulation and compliance, using RPA in the background, to ensure a resilient landscape for distribution and transparency. Others applied RPA to take the enormous weight off their financial processes, heavily impacted by Covid-19.

Working with RPA expert partners, even while building your own internal RPA competency, can make a real difference to gaining the evidence measures required for buy-in to more automation candidates and RPA proliferation!

However you adopt RPA, the benefits are clear and measurable, and we want to thank everyone for the opportunities to share in their process innovations' this year, working alongside our incredible team.

Have a safe, and Happy Christmas 2020

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