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Our five core principles to ensure GDPR compliance and Sensitive Personal Data Security

A major focus for all our clients is GDPR compliance and personal data security. We pride ourselves in our compliance procedures and approach. This article will highlight the five core principles we put into practice and how RPA can be adopted to streamline adherence to GDPR while strengthening data protection.

First Principle

Sensitive data remains at clients’ side at all times.

Second Principle

We anonymise all sensitive data that could be held in logs used for activity tracking & monitoring.

Third Principle

We encrypt any sensitive data that we require access to during development and testing.

Fourth Principle

We engage with clients at their invitation as guests through a secure Teams channel, which also holds any files such as specifications or test data.

Fifth Principle

We comply 100% with clients’ own GDPR & security policies and put formal contractual GDPR compliance and Data Sharing agreements in place.

Using RPA as a virtual employee is significantly more secure than employing temporary staff to deal with and handle sensitive data, which we know some of our clients have had to face when handling peak volumes to process Universal Credit claims for example. Rest assured that our security and compliance procedures are both bullet proof and world class.

In order to streamline adherence to GDPR requirements for data security, RPA masks all sensitive data as anonymous. RPA robots record all their actions into activity log files; businesses can better demonstrate and manage compliance requirements, proactively conduct internal reviews of compliance statuses, and effectively respond to a regulatory audit if necessary. As for periodic data clean-ups, RPA robots can update system data and replicate these updates across all systems in line with clients’ own data management protocols.

The tasks involved in the manual implementation of compliance are repetitive and time-consuming. As suggested by McKinsey & Company, building an automated solution at the outset could simplify compliance and reduce costs in the long run. Enterprise RPA recognise absolutely our obligations when it comes to working with sensitive data. Our platform partners are also committed to these principles, and links can be found here for more information on our partners’ commitment to security: UiPath and Druid.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us.


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