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Improve the Quality of Your Digital Conversations Question??

Clients often ask us how to better utilise chat and Digital Assistant Channels to realise larger scale engagement results.

Aside from investing in a scalable platform that can support and extend conversational flows, here are our best tips to maximise the Customer Experience, responding faster and more intuitively:

1. Special Treatment for Special Characters - Natural Language Processing (NLP) does not respond consistently when exposed to special characters like question mark or exclamation mark [??!!]. Intent-based user responses might deliver unintended results or unrecognisable statements. To enable users to include special characters when engaging with an NLP service, we suggest auto-removal before any intent is delivered to the Digital Assistant engine.

2. Preview Process Relationships – Positive user experience can be achieved by personalisation, we suggest including personal touches, for example: "Hello, <Users real name>" as opening and "Hello again <Users Real name> I am looking forward to speaking with you again" to conclude the conversation.

If the NLP does not have a high confidence score when classifying the user's input, the user should be shown multiple options to ensure the message delivered is accurate, especially early in the interaction with the bot.

" First impression is crucial for adoption, offer multiple touchpoints to respond to clients in the platform to avoid perception loss and attrition early on"

Use preview tools to test the interoperability of conversation flows, to deliver a natural conversational experience for your clients. Testing out different responses to user inputs to acquire the desired effect will always bond well with the end user. 3, Offer a Live Chat Touchpoint Option – Sometimes users’ issues are a little more complicated for a Digital Assistant to support in isolation. Having the option to speak to a Human operative enables users with complex issues to feel heard and to continue the conversation.

4, Record, Learn, Define, Repeat - Capturing data regarding most asked questions, intents that were not recognised and duration of users’ interaction with a Digital Assistant are just a few examples of data that can be recorded to enhance the conversation quality. Storing and presenting this data on a dashboard, allows continuous rational decision making based on actual data. Take the lessons learnt and reapply into the engine to enhance the conversation flow to take full advantage of the ability for the AI platform to learn more about your customers.

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