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Enterprise RPA selected to Partner with Microsoft, for RPA Early Adopter Program

Press Release – 2nd Sept 2021 - Enterprise RPA are pleased to announce our Partnership entrant to the Microsoft RPA Early Adopter Program. This Early Adopter Program selects those partners with evidenced capability to deliver ‘early insights and learnings’ in Automation to accelerate adoption for all users.

As an experienced Partner in Robotic Process Automation, AI digital paperwork and the Digital Assistant, Enterprise RPA has the breadth of capability to support those looking to augment, and capitalise on, their existing Microsoft investment, accelerating their process-automation capability.


With proven capability across >50 Automation use cases across finance, assets, service desk, customer experience and relationship management [CRM], our clients are looking for ways to use available tools to transform and automate processes at pace. We work alongside your business SMEs [subject matter experts] and technology teams to select candidate processes to yield high value robot returns [ROR] for efficiency, speed of service, customer or employee experience, cost and compliance.

We are launching this partnership as we head to the CIH 2021 Housing Event (7th - 9th Sept at Manchester Central), to share this announcement with the community of >8,000 attendees, where we have a specific focus alongside microsoft, and evidenced capability.

Join us on Stand D71 to understand how this partnership works with your current Microsoft investment or click here to set up a 1-1 discussion during the event.

Lucy Bourne, Partner Development Manager of Microsoft Business Applications Recruit, said:

“We are delighted that Enterprise RPA are a part of our RPA Early Adopter Program. The program is dedicated to supporting partners to skill their teams, both sales and technical, to better understand the opportunity that our RPA offering, Power Automate Desktop can bring to our valued customers.”


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