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AI that reads your Digital Paperwork, like a human

Robotic Process Automation can be easily integrated with AI tools to provide intelligent process automation.

How does that help my business?

RPA can engage via artificial intelligence [AI] to manage volume email, document classification, and data extraction, working with Digital Assistants to manage conversational flows. Blend the three together and you have an augmented RPA solution, with greatly increased value return.

The Power-of-3 The three pillars of Enterprise RPA's solution set are Document Understanding, Digital Assistants, and Process Automation.

Document Understanding enhances automation by using artificial intelligence to extract data with consistent, error-free accuracy and self-learning. Natural Language Processing [NLP] can read and categorise emails into actionable workgroups, freeing up productive hours otherwise tied up on manually reading and forwarding emails.

"We can rest assured that each hand-off process is fully complete, when service teams are stretched it's system administration that is often impacted; rendering our metrics unreliable". Service Operations Director, Building Products

These are just some of the potential deployment areas for enhanced RPA:-

  • Automated service wrap-up tasks, to free up service teams faster, to handle more calls

  • Significantly less time spent re-routing emails

  • Resource-free financial reconciliations, posting, and cash allocation from remittances

  • Distillation of IoT-generated data, into manageable categories for analysis

  • Trusted data extract from multiple document formats, for data entry, and compliance

  • Documents classified automatically by keywords

"Blend your robot with AI and Digital Assistants to intelligently create solutions that grasp the power, to free up more productive hours in your business".

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