Have SAP? UI Automation made faster and easier with RPA

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Keep information at hand with SAP. Now more than ever, businesses need to have the latest, most accurate information at their fingertips. The days of error-filled databases and inaccurate information are already over. Bring business up to date with SAP automation from UiPath and get on track with process-deficits:-

Use Automation Robots for:

  • SAP automated data entry

  • Legacy application integration

  • Content migration

  • SAP screen scraping

Common automation examples:

  • Starting or closing a case

  • Filling a form on screen

  • Copying and pasting data between SAP and other applications

  • Comparing data fields on screen

  • Identifying an exception to a process and flagging it for review

  • Updating status field in a system

  • Content migration

  • Data mining

  • Keying or screen scraping data on screen

[+Source UiPath - UiPath Partner]

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