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How RPA can be used in Business – Email Management

There are many ways in which Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be utilised within a business.

One example is the automation of large volumes of inbound emails i.e. help desks, customer service functions and general enquiry in-boxes.

How would that work?

Typically, businesses will receive unstructured messages from their customers or users of their service, that can be automatically categorised which routes them directly to the team responsible to action them.

A robot reads individual emails, scans the content and using Artificial Intelligence can then perform several tasks such as:

  • Reply with a standard response

  • Forward to a specific department for action

  • Create a task in the CRM system

  • Book an appointment

If the email could not be processed due to lack of information the robot can use, then an exception would be created and sent to an employee for handling. The robots can be programmed to learn from this additional information so that next time they can handle the email enquiry first time.

For businesses employing teams to review and handle in-coming emails, this is revolutionary, particularly for organisations that require additional staff at busy times of the year. RPA can eliminate many hours of manually intensive repetitive work and free up employees’ time to work on enquiries that require an individual personal response. This approach can also have a direct impact on improving a business’s SLA on response times.

To discuss how RPA can help your business, contact Enterprise RPA on 0333 987 3938


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